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What is Plant Intelligence
When the sun is too bright

animals can move to the shades and hide, however, 

plants can only stay at the same place and tolerate.

When the temperature is too high

animals can soak themselves in the water for cooling, 

however, plants can only stay at the same place 

and tolerate.

When the snow comes

animals can run to the caves to avoid cold, however, 

plants can only stay at the same place and tolerate.


Getting bit by insects

humans can drive the insects away or kill them, while plants can only stand there and condition themselves.

Having a cut or burn wound

humans can seek medical treatment while plants can 

only stand there and condition themselves.

With bacterial and viral infections 

humans can seek medical treatment while plants can 

only stand there and condition themselves.




It is rare that human beings live over hundred years, and human are prone to sickness and death when there is war, poverty or other difficult living environment. However, after experiencing thousands years of harsh living condition such as sun and wind exposure, insect bites, etc., there are still plenty of plants that have been lasted for thousands of years. Plants have no feet but can escape from harsh environment, and they know how to survive under difficult living environment.


Plant intelligence, which is plants’ survival intelligence. It is far beyond humans’ imagination. When plants are still as a seed, they have the vitality and survival intelligence to be grown into a tree of thousands of years. Plant intelligence, actually is stored in the genome of every single plant.




Giant Redwood / The Largest Tree in the World


You are living on the 30th floor, There is only one narrow long pipe, Pumping all the water you need daily from the ground to the 30th floor, How much effort is needed?

It must not be possible 

Without the help of a pressure motor, Yet California Giant Redwood did it, Without any electricitynor pressure motor, It overcomes gravity and friction, Supplies water endlessly to the leaves up at 115 meters high.

Bristlecone Pine The Oldest Tree in the World

The longest human life lasts no longer than about a hundred years,

and when you get old, the body’s metabolism and physical operation is becoming less efficient and got sick frequently.

However, California Bristlecone Pine is as old as the Pyramids of Giza, has been living on impoverished land with low oxygen environment for over 5000 years. It does not only keep growing new leaves, but because of its extremely dense and high content of resin, it is almost free from pest and diseases.




Welwitschia mirabilis / The most resilient plant in the world.

It is well-known that desert cactus is a tenacious representative of vitality, however,  it is nothing compared with welwitschia mirabilis. In the desert of Namibia, South Africa, yellow sand is everywhere, grass is difficult to grow, the annual precipitation is less than 25 mm, and even more than 60 degrees during summer. The heat evaporates most of the water in the air, but welwitschia mirabilis can live in such a bad climate and stand for thousands of years. 

The shape of welwitschia mirabilis is very common, which is only two leaves with a thick stem and root. The stems can grow up to 2 meters high and 8 meters wide. However, the longest-lived ones have lived for 2000 years. Even if they don't drip in 5 years, they won't die. 


In order to adapt to the complex and changeable external environment, plants have developed the ability to perceive changes in environmental factors and assess the state of the environment, thereby adjusting the direction of their organ growth. For example,trace elements of soil in different directions are different, so plants always strengthen root growth where mineral salt are concentrated; some plant organs are photosensitive, like plant leaves can accelerate their growth in areas with sufficient light, while roots instinctively avoid light and into the darker depths of the earth. By accurately measuring the humidity in the soil, plants extend their roots in the direction of adequate water; they can also feel the earth's gravity and magnetic field, strengthen their own organ growth in the right direction as required and so on. It can be said that in order to survive plants can concentrate their own energy against changes in the environment. 


The reason why plants can survive well in different environments is also inseparable from communication with other organisms in the ecosystem. Plants recognize each other by exchanging chemical signals from roots or leaves; some fungi can exchange chemicals with plants, fungi provide minerals, while plants provide nutrients such as sugar. When attacked by insects, plants release special chemicals that can make them unpleasant to smell or attract natural enemies of insects, thus driving away insects. Such as lavender, which can drive away cockroaches and mosquitoes by releasing a chemical called watercress. Through the communication with the surrounding biochemical signals, plants have become active adaptors of the environment, showing the unique wisdom of plants. 

Plants open up the endless imagination of human beings, people use bionics invented a lot of tools, greatly changed the standard of living. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Lu Ban invented the saw from the cut-skin grass. The ancestor Huang Di invented the wheel because he saw the Erigeron rotate with the wind. People studied the plant structure and applied it in many fields such as industrial design and structural mechanics. The so-called steel reinforced concrete actually earliest originated from the French gardener Joseph Monique's observation that the roots of plants crossed each other in a network structure in the soil, so that the soil wrapped in a ball. Spruce growth in the cold and wet top, long and endure the wind in a long-term. In order to adapt to this environment, the diameter of the bottom of the spruce trunk increased, forming a cone, which not only reduced self-weight, but also increased stability, people imitate the spruce structure designed on the top of the mountain the TV tower on the top of the mountain. Plants form its unique structure to adapt the environment . This has brought new thinking to human beings, so that human beings have to admire the intelligence of plants. 


Although plants do not have the same thinking brain as human beings, in order to survive and adapt to a variety of complex environments, they have their own intelligent side. In-depth observation and discovery, the power of plant intelligence can not help but be amazing, more importantly, plant intelligence is of great significance to many areas of human society. 

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