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Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform

Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform

“Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform” provides highly efficient R&D approaches and tool kits, allowing researchers to secure complete gene transcriptome and active ingredient database in a much more fast and systematic manner; also to discover biosynthesis pathways, and reveal various fundamental secrets such as how to stop aging and what components is actually effective, etc.

Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform

Learn from plants

Plant intelligence is stored in genome and present by phytochemicals (active ingredients of plant). These phytochemicals give us a way to enjoy and benefit from plant intelligence, such as paclitaxel for anti-cancer, arbutin for UV protection, ginsenosides for anti-aging, curcumin for anti-oxidation, etc. But the inconsistent phytochemical amounts hinders us discovery plant intelligence. That is why our understanding and application of plant intelligence are still at a very early stage. And, Plant Intelligence Discovery platform give us the first chance to see the full picture and potential of plant intelligence.

Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform

Unveil the unknown secrets of Plant Intelligence, equip researchers with full set of tool kits

Through new research tools developed by PI Discovery platform, such as active ingredient database, transcriptome database, etc., we discovered new plant active ingredients, and have more understanding about how to let plants produce our wanted active ingredients.

Batch variation of medical plants is the main reason of slow progress of R&D and clinical applications. With PI Discovery platform ,we realized the regulation mechanism of phytochemical biosynthesis ,and could produce batch-consistent botanical samples/products easily. Batch consistency improvement is very important to traditional Chinese medicine scientization and clinical studies of medical plants. This could shorten the time of basic and clinical studies very much.

Batch-to-batch consistency of botanical samples leads researchers to systematically analyze the composition of medical plants and traditional Chinese medicine possible. We had discovered 9 new compounds from yew tree CMC (plant stem cell) and 25 from wild ginseng CMC. These findings prove that this platform is ideal for new botanical drug development. 

Nowadays, PIPSCI has cooperated with global top research and development institutions in related fields  to establish a R&D network, give full play to relevant technical advantages, provide basic research tools and platforms for upstream and downstream disciplines (such as genomics and pharmacology), and comprehensively promote the research on various endangered plants. Particularly, PIPSCI provides various sufficient, reproducible and standardized samples to studies on representative traditional Chinese medicinal plants to discover their functional components, so as to promote the research on the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and cultivate more professional R&D researchers who have a comprehensive grasp of core technologies.

                       Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform
                                                        Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform

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