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Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform

Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform

Based on Plant Intelligence conservation, discovery and enhancement, the ”Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform” provides convenient and practical product formulations and applications, and combines with systematically clinical validation and service systems, to widely deploy plant intelligence into pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. This platform solves the contradictions between escalating consumer demand and rapid depletion of plant resources fundamentally.

                              Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform
                                                     Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform

Through Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform, the effective ingredients of 50-year-old wild ginseng and 1700-year-old yew, are made into food, health care products and cosmetics, so that ordinary people can live a relaxed life and enjoy the top essence of human history that breaks the limitation of time and space.

Cosmetic applications 

PIPSCI used 50-year-old wild ginseng stem cells and 1700-year-old yew stem cells to develop a series of raw materials, has developed a series of beauty products, such as the premium series, anti-allergy series, anti-aging series.

Premium series: It mainly contains compound of “wild ginseng stem cell extract + yew stem cell culture solution”. Through experimental analysis, the compound showed excellent efficacy of eliminating fat, lifting, anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing.

Anti-allergy series: It is rich in yew stem cells culture solution,  has been professionally tested by third-party dermatologists and confirmed to be applicable to all kinds of sensitive skin. It can promote skin keratinocyte proliferation and skin repair, burn wound repair, and has obvious effects of anti-inflammatory and detumescence.

Anti-aging series: It contains a large amount of 50+ years wild ginseng stem cell culture solution, effectively increase the content of collagen in the dermis layer (dermal density), tighten the skin, and remove the wrinkles. When used together with other beauty products, the absorption rate of other products can be improved.

Plant Intelligence Deployment Platform

Food applications

PIPSCI has developed a series of foods based on wild ginseng stem, which are rich in Rg3, Rh2, Rg5 and other rare ginsenosides, and have significant effects in cancer adjuvant therapy, liver injury protection, blood glucose regulation, blood pressure, anti-fatigue and other fields.

Pharmaceutical applications 

In the future, PIPSCI will use existing plant stem cell lines to develop new plant drugs for new pathogenic mechanisms, and optimize or replace the existing extraction methods for effective ingredients of drugs. For example, the mass production of taxol, an anticancer drug, has always been a problem that all pharmaceutical companies want to solve, so the use of plant stem cell platform technology can get rid of the dependence on taxol and make taxol available to more cancer patients at a low price. Getting rid of dependence on taxol can make taxol affordable, and be widely used. At the same time, we can also develop more innovative drugs beneficial to human beings and even the whole society by isolating stem cells from plants with medicinal value.

Currently, PIPSCI is cooperating with various brands and channel companies to develop various functional raw materials and product formulations based on plant stem cell platform technology. Through OEM, OEM production, Plant Intelligence Technology company will provide the food, cosmetics, medicine and other kinds of plant stem cell products to existing brands or channels, make excellent plant intelligence blend in people life. Meanwhile, after developing relevant businesses, we can attract more partners to build up an ecosystem of “Beauty & Health Industry” together,  which will better contribute to the development of beauty and health industry in China and even the whole world.

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