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Plant Stem Cell Bank

PIPSCI has established the world's first plant stem cell bank, will be systematically collects and conserve “Chinese Legendary Plant” or great significant plant resources. Based on the “Plant Intelligence Conservation Platform”, the core units of the best plant individuals are preserved as they are. At the same time, the living stem cell bank of rare and endangered plants will be built to permanently preserve all the genetic information of plants. And the research, development and industrialization will be carried out to make all kinds of the most excellent plant intelligence become a treasure of human resources without the limitation of time and space.

The whole work of plant stem cell bank can be divided into three steps, first, using our proprietary technology to isolate the living plant undifferentiated stem cells. Then, confirm the growth of plant stem cells is stable, put the cell into cryopreservation and room temperature preservation. Finally,  the research team draw related plant stem cell genome, understand and preserve the genetic information of rare plants which can play a role in various fields of government, industry, research and application.

China has a vast territory and abundant plant resources, one of the countries with the most plant diversity in the world, with as many as 30,000 kinds of plants, among which more than 4,000 kinds of plants are rare and endangered. Many rare and endangered plants growing naturally in their original areas have important economic, scientific and cultural values. In the past decade, with the impact of deforestation and fragmentation, overgrazing and reclamation, environmental degradation and introduction of exotic species, plant species are disappearing at a faster and faster rate. At present, 78.4% of China's original forests have disappeared. Hence, how to save these rare and endangered plants is a difficult problem for China and even the world.

The plant stem cell bank is a powerful tool to solve this problem. PIPSCI R&D team is able to isolate stem cells from any rare and endangered plant, establish stable cell lines, and store them at room temperature or cryopreserve them, so as to preserve the original cells and genetic genes of the target plant. And in the process of cell culture and utilization, it is fast and convenient without genetic variation. Therefore, across time and space, the vision of hundreds of millions of people using the same active ingredients from one precious plant can be realized. And also plant stem cell bank will cut off the chain of plant species extinction and preserve the rare plants permanently, making a significant contribution to improving plant diversity.

Before establishing plant stem cell bank, people usually used seed bank, botanical garden, plant gene bank and other methods to preserve rare plants. Although some achievements have been made, plant stem cell bank is very different from these traditional models in many aspects.

Plant Stem Cell Bank

The plant stem cell bank has filled in the gaps of other existing technology platforms in terms of free gene mutation, strong R&D support and rapid industrialization. Working together with seed Bank, botanical gardens and plant gene Bank, we can give full play to our respective advantages and fully protect and utilize plant resources.

Plant stem cell bank is an unprecedented plant intelligence revolution in human history. It changes the traditional model of preserving rare plants, protects plant species diversity more effectively, and can give full play to the economic value, research value and cultural value. And China has always been a big country of TCM plants, so plant stem cell bank is of great significance to protect TCM resources.

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