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Significance for Modernization and Globalization of TCM

China's plant resources and traditional Chinese medicine culture are a huge treasure. Plant stem cell platform technology can excavate and develop the treasure well. There are huge similarities between the current status of many plant resources and oil reserve in Middle East 100 years ago: The resource is there, but people just don't know how to develop and utilize it. PIPSCI is going to “to dig the endless oil and mines” in a completely environmental and sustainable way, to allow the “plant intelligence” of China's local plant resources and the great wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine shine even brighter.

Currently, on the road to modernization and globalization, Traditional Chinese Medicine faces many challenges, such as “Why it is effective”, “prescription without medical herbs supply”, “medical herbs with low or non efficacy”, “efficacy without standardization”, etc. PIPSCI plant stem cell platform technology can be applied in the following 7 aspects (Knowledge, Medicine, Effect, Standardization, Environment, Safety, Globalization ) to break the bottleneck and support TCM modernization. 

Plant Stem Cell for Modernization and Globalization of TCM





Overcome “Prescription without Medical Herbs Supply” Problem

Help to solve the problem of 

inadequate supply  and unstable quality of genuine medicinal materials

Overcome “Medical Herbs with Low or Non Efficacy” Problem

Systematically screen for effective ingredients of TCM

Standardized Samples

Supply researchers with standardized samples to undergo various fundamental research and clinical studies

Diverse Sample

Different composition of compound can be obtained by adjusting the culture environment





Overcome “Efficacy Without Standardization” Problem

Chemical fingerprint can be used as 

the basis for quality control of Chinese 

herbal medicine

Avoid Environmental Damage

No need to destroy primitive ecology and grab land with crop

Safe Production Process

Without pesticide, heavy metal, hormone, antibiotic, bacteria in the whole process 

Promote Internationalization

Standardized production and quality control systems help promote the international use of Chinese herbal medicines

Knowledge:Know-why, Decode “Why it is Effective”

Because of the different era and climate change,now it is very difficult to have “the same as the ancient records” effect even if it is from  genuine origin location of that traditional Chinese medicine herb, also, it is extremely difficult to get large quantity of experimental samples with standard composition. Through Plant Intelligence Discovery Platform, by changing the culture conditions and other screening method, researchers will be able to find and reproduce the legendary medicinal plant ingredients in ancient books again. Once the relevant pharmacological efficacy is confirmed, even larger quantity of reproducible standardized samples are also available to answer the question of “Why it is effective”.

MedicineSupply Scarce Medicinal Materials, Overcome “Prescription Without Medical Herbs Supply” Problem

Because of the scarcity of natural raw materials, many natural ingredients with healing properties exist only in legend and can't be reproduced, even can’t be proven scientifically. Through Plant Intelligence Platforms, researchers can isolate the stem cells of Chinese medicinal materials and then check the related activities or efficacy. Sufficient standardized samples can be obtained by CMC platforms to make relevant research being carried out steadily and comprehensively. Once the research and development achievements need to be commercialized, then the results developed based on the Discovery Platform can be seamlessly connected to the Enhancement Platform to have mass production and put into commercial development and application rapidly. The problems of “prescription without medical herbs supply”, “medical herbs with low or non efficacy” will be solved immediately.

EffectMake Sure the Ingredients are Efficient, Overcome “Medical Herbs With Low or Non Efficacy” Problem

The content of functional components of Chinese medicinal materials usually is very scarce. Because dosage is too low, the effect is not significant in many cases. Through the Plant Intelligence Enhancement Platform, the content of natural rare components or complex components can be amplified to facilitate subsequent targeted research and development and provide a stable amount of pure natural multiple standardized ingredients. So that efficiency can be secured and the problem about “medical herbs with low or non efficacy” can be overcomed.

StandardizationStrict Systematic Standardization, Overcome “Efficacy Without Standardization” Problem

Standardization is a traditional problem of TCM. All active ingredients produced by Plant Intelligence Platforms are produced from trillions of identical homogenous cells in a controlled, standardized culture condition, thus, the production standardization of target active components can be realized fundamentally. At the same time, the CMC production platform sets up the quality inspection point in each important production process to conduct whole-process quality control, conforming to the international pharmaceutical industry standardized production and quality monitoring system requirements and solve “standardization problems” from the source.

EnvironmentProtect Environment, Avoid Environmental Damage

Because it is not planted in the open air, but through cell culture, the active ingredient productions are carried out in a closed standardized space, thus, Plant Intelligence platforms can effectively avoid the damage to the environment and maintain environmental sustainability. Breaking time and space limitations, mass production that sufficient to meet global demand can be achieved in a small space now, and it is not limited by the local climate and environment.

SafetyFully Safe Process, Avoiding All Dangerous Risk Factors

At present, one of the biggest problems of traditional Chinese medicine supply is severe pesticide and heavy metal residues. Through Plant Intelligence platforms, all active components can be produced in a facility where the whole process doesn’t have any pesticide, or heavy metal, or antibiotic, or bacteria, easily complying with all kinds of safety standards and requirements.

GlobalizationHelp the Globalization of Chinese Medicine, where Eastern and Western Medicine Meet

Based on practical experience, the efficacy of natural compounds is usually much better than that of single molecule. But so far, due to the standardization issue, these “natural compounds” are made not naturally but by mixing different monomers together, which practice is very inefficient and also cannot represent the whole picture of TCM. “Standardized Natural Multiple Component” can not only promote the charm and merit of traditional Chinese medicine, but also fits the development direction of modern western medicine. Through the Plant Intelligence Platforms, researchers can get stead supply of a variety of natural standardized composite ingredients, and keep optimizing the efficacy, to merge the eastern and western medicine wisdom together for the benefit of all human kind.

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